The Only Company For Providing Wheelchair Accessible Vans For Door to Door Transport Of The Mobility Impaired Endurances.

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Hydraulic Rotating Middle Seat
Hydraulic Wheelchair Backlift
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Wide bodied compartment with capability to widen seats pitch, reclining, removable seats, surrounded by middle and back air conditioning and heating suppliers.

Onboard Entertainment

All our fleets include an on line TV plasma screen, exotic audio system and complimentary WiFi option.

Pick Up / Drop Off

No matter where you are based in Jordan, we will pick you up from your location and take you to your preferred destination.

GPS Tracked Vans

By employing the latest in technology, in the event of emergency, our global positioning satellite tracked vehicles allow us to send the closest available van to your location.
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Stair Assist Ramp Board

For your journeys we provide you with the portable adaptable secured ramp boards for you to get in our vans in ease. Alongside that we provide extended WiFi facilities, teleconferencing and other secretarial tasks facilities are all provided for you during your transfer.

Hospital Transfer

Home Transfer

Airport Transfer

Family Social Transfer

Leisure Transfer


Pediatric & Rehabilitation Transfer


Hotel Transfer

Tourist Transfer

The Difference

Experience distinguished vehicle rental car quality based in Jordan.

"There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more."

Robert M. Hensel
Disability Activist

The International Summit For Victims of Explosive Remnants of War

We had the privilege of having the victims of explosive remnants of war as our first clients. We provided the transportation service for them. Took our customers from their hotels to the Norwegian Embassy. During this experience we ensured that our customers were provided with high quality service.

World Heavy Lifting Champion

International Heavy Weight Lifting Champion Chose Our Services

He saw our Facebook page and decided to experience our services in a tour with his friend doing his daily tasks, he went to the airport, his personal gym, Downtown Amman, boulevard shopping and cafes.

Interview With One Of The Summit Speakers In Jordan

We were thrilled to interview and help one of the important speakers with his transportation within Jordan.

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Interview of One Of Our Founders On ROYA TV​

dinar Cars Rental Services were Presented in ROYA National TV.

Ms. Afuni, Company Chairman, in her interview focused on Presenting company objective of providing equal door to door transfer services to the mobility impaired Endurances to develop their indulging and mingling in society.

She presented the company key one of a kind, in Jordan, transfer vans applying GlOBAL technology & standards managed by LOCAL expertise.

Visit of Minister of Transport H.E. Walid Seif

H.E. Walid Seif, Minister of Transport together with a delegate, Mr. Ali Odeibat and Mr. Tareq Obeidat, visited our offices on Nov 21,2019 in order to inspect and qualify our services.
Mr. Qaisi, our Managing Director, briefed H.E. About the Company current and future services and plans and demonstrated the efficiency, quality, comfort and safety tools and measures equipped in our Wheelchair Accessible Vans (WAV) to ensure equal door to door transfer means for the Endurances.

H.E. Expressed his appreciation and admiration of the initiave & assured Mr. Qaisi of Ministry support towards increased fleet and expanded specialized services.

Our Office Location

Amman, Jordan

Queen Rania St 148

Abu El Hajj Complex

6th Floor, Offc. 612.

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