dinar Car Rental Contract Terms

The preamble of this contract is considered an integral part of this contract and shall be read as one unit

1-The tenant shall take the following into account

2-Maintain the vehicle with all its contents in a proper and clean condition, fill it with the proper fuel type and check both of water and oil levels and

a)-Shall not transfer goods where such transfer is breach of the state laws

b)-Neither passengers nor goods for fare

-Shall not use the vehicle to tow other c)

-Shall not be part of races of any type d)

e)-The tenant is committed to deliver the vehicle in person as soon as the lease terms ended

3-Working hours is till 5 pm so the vehicle deliver shall be within working hours

4-In case of being late the lessor has the right of applying fees for every hour beyond the deliver appointment by 10jds/hour

5-The lessor is not responsible for paying the cost of the vehicle fuel during the period of the lease

6-Lessor is not to bear any losses to the tenant due to sudden malfunction occurs to the vehicle

7-All traffic violations committed by the tenant shall be only the tenant responsibility

8-In case of accident no matter the incident is the tenant must do the following::

a)-Inform the lessor with no delay

b)-Obtain the accident report

c)-Secure the vehicle

d)-Fill the form of accidents at the rental company offices

e)-Shall not wave any right could cost the lessor moneyf)-If the accident is the tenant fault then his considered tenant in with same price in period from day of the accident till day of g)-Fixing the vehicle and after finishing the insuring matters also paying 350jds which are the fees of the accident report

10-In case of robbery or mislay and the vehicle will be eliminated the tenant is to asked for 20% of recovery amount of the insurance as shown in the vehicle insurance contract, this term shall be activated from the day of rental till collecting the insurance money

11-The tenant is obligated to pay the daily rental fees for everyday the vehicle at repairing because of the following

a)-The tenant has not committed 9, 2 term

b)-Breaking laws of state 

c)-Motor ruins of misusing

12-In case of disruptive in terms 2, 9 the tenant shall be committed to the lessor in the following:

a)-Compensate the lessor on any vehicle damages

b)-Compensate the loss in the vehicle value

c)-Compensate any other party engaged

 13-The lessor has the right to end the lease if the tenant violets any of the contract terms

14-The lessor is not responsible of any lost items of the vehicle during the lease period

15-The provision of this contract in Arabic it to be the legal reference

16-Renting wheelchair accessible vans

   a)- These vehicles can be rented by hour, day, week and year

    – b)-The tenant is obligated to hire the driver

     c)-The driver working hours is 8 hours and there will be and additional fees for each hour

    d)-Driver’s overnight outside Amman is 25 JOD per night 

Any rental request for more than week with no driver will be taken in consideration, where it will be subjected to DINARS renting privet terms in case of approval

17-Booking cancellation

-cancellation of booking will be subjected to the company privet pricing policy